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Patty Elzinga

Art wasn’t just an interest; it was her sanity. While recovering from lung cancer and restricted to a chair without the strength to move around, Patty found art to be her newfound love and refuge. She began to bead while in the hospital, first a bracelet and then a purse. While wintering in Florida, Patty spent a lot of time in Venice, a wonderful city by the sea. She would walk the beach and collect shells. It was here that she found joy in the art of nature and shells became an integral part of her art. She loves taking God’s gift from the sea and creating beautiful statement pieces. Her life is full in many ways and she feels great when she does everything that her body will allow her to do. If she is not feeling well or doesn’t have the energy to get up, she always has a bag of supplies to get right into one of her beaded creations.

On her return to Michigan, she would walk the woods and find bark, acorn, and fungus that inspired her earth collection. Today her objects have diversified, but remain largely nature based. Each piece is one of a kind and spans from bracelets and necklaces to purses.

Finding that people loved her work, sometimes even selling jewelry right off her body, has left her awestruck. She has learned that her mother’s old saying is true, “when one door closes, another opens.” Now she gives her gifts to you, and your piece will always be one of a kind and just for you.


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