Susan Haas

Susan Haas

Artist Statement:

I’ve always been fascinated by the essential idea of glass. The transformation from a liquid to solid allowing the artist’s influence to shape an abstract vision and transform the molten start to a final form.

Influenced by oceans, rivers, lakes and being on the water, it amuses me to create pieces that resonate a liquid state full of motion.  The subject of my work reflects a life on the lake or sea.


Susan Haas started her career in art by taking classes at the “Art of Fire” studio in  Montgomery County, Maryland. A suburb of the Washington DC area.  Coming from a career, as a newspaper designer and then copy editor, Her love for language is evident in her playful titles. In addition to her work in the arts,  she continues to freelance as an editor from her home in Virginia. 

Overcoming the apprehension of the glassblowing technique, her work now questions the “what if” questions flowing through her mind. The results are endlessly appealing and are shared as a celebration.


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