Gourmet Foods

Gourmet Foods in the Gallery

Gourmet Foods on the Petter Wine Gallery Menu and in the Wine Shop go hand in hand.  If you love what you tasted, you can buy the foods and wines in our retail shop or directly from the bar.

Artisan Cheeses

We love pairing cheeses with wines, don’t you?  Tasting all of these delicious from our food vendors is a passion of ours.  Our curated selection is the result. Yes, we do love cheese.

Gourmet Foods

Our shelves are filled with some amazing foodie items.  And they are perfect selections to be added to any gift basket or gift bag.  Ask us about the foods and we will tell you their story.

Fine Chocolates

We have local and not so local hand-made chocolates!  All are delicious. All are special.

Our featured items for 2019 include:  

Bella Cucina Artful Foods

Famous Pestos, Aeromatic Salt, & Dolce Desserts

Village Batch & 

Hand Picked Greek Olives & Veggies, Balsamic Vinegars, 


Old-world artisan Baguettes

Don Juan

Marconna almonds fried in Olive oil

Great American Cheese Collection

Private Labeled Cheese from small US creameries

La Quercia, Fermin, & Alexian

Mindfully produced meats for farm boards and more

Beau Bien and Rare Birds

Preserves and Jams

Mayana, Caramel Caravan, DC & Skamps 

Chocolate Barks, Caramel and Truffle

We are always on the hunt for delicious eats to add to our menu and our shelves. Be sure to check for new items every time you visit.