Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Artist Statement:


I enjoy working with glass and experimenting how different colors interact and create various patterns as they melt and blend together. Some of my biggest successes in the studio have been through experimentation and mistakes. You never know the end result until it is complete.






Chris was in Venice, Italy in 2005 and visited the island of Murano and saw glass blowing up close. When he returned, he took a weekend course in glass blowing. As he researched glass he discovered glass fusing and built a studio to start experimenting. “I love the ability to cut the glass, fuse and then form or cast it into most any shape and finally manipulating it through cold work processes into the final piece of art or jewelry. I have always been facinated with linear forms and design and you will see that in most all of my art and jewelry.” When Chris is not in his studio you can find him in the wine section of our gallery. He has gone through Levels 1, 2 and 3 of WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) courses and the Court of Master Sommeliers entry level course. He continues his wine study through reading, courses and wine travel.



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