preferred Designer Services & Benefits

Private Appointments

Private art consultations are available with the owner, director, and curator of the gallery Juli Petter. We want to give you and your clients time to explore the gallery, sip on a glass of wine, and view additional work from our vast inventory not currently displayed. In-home consultations are also available and can be scheduled through the gallery in person or over the phone. 

Virtual Art Installation 

Let us help you visualize the work in your space with our virtual art installation. Send us images of your project or space and we will virtually hang pieces or supply images for mood boards. .

Art on Approval

We will personally deliver or ship artwork to you or your client so they can see the piece in their own space before final decisions are made.

Commisioned Art

We will assist you and your clients in working with our artists when commissioned pieces are needed. 

Designer Discounts & Financing 

 We extend designer discounts and in house finance options to you and your clients.

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