Upcoming Events

Secret Garden Guitar Series

Saturday Afternoons 4-7 pm

Join us in the secret art garden for boutique wines, artful picnics & live music performed by local guitarists.   

Visiting Artist Sheila Grant

May 29, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with mixed media artist Sheila Grant. Prior to her life as an artist, Grant was a social worker. Social work entails understanding and exploring emotions, which is what ultimately led her to art. Her process as an artist is deeply personal. It explores her inner, wordless dialogue and feelings, and uses the canvas as a visual record of that process. The creative process serves as a vehicle for reflection and transformation, allowing what is within to flow outside and onto the canvas. Grant's medium of choice has changed over time but a consistent theme in all her work is emotional expression, energy, and the exploration of mood through color.

Visiting Artist Helen Gotlib

June 5, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with printmaker Helen Gotlib. A lifetime interest in art led Helen to study at the University of Michigan's School of Art & Design where she divided her time between printmaking and scientific illustration. This led her to develop a process-oriented drawing style characterized by extreme detail.  Most recently, Gotlib is immersed in an extensive exploration of botanicals. By following the life cycle of flora, but focusing particularly on dried, dead flowers she has managed to create images of unexpected beauty and power.  

Visiting Artist Dylan Strzynski

June 5, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with artist Dylan Strzynski. Strzynski is a Michigan artist whose mixed media work combines drawing, painting, and influence from his background in printmaking. He is inspired by the woody marine landscape of the north where he grew up and the area surrounding his home in rural western Washtenaw County. Focusing on landscape and vernacular architecture, his work addresses concerns about the environment and poverty by telling stories characterized by mystery and subtle humor.   

Visiting Artist Rein Vanderhill

June 12, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with artist Rein Vanderhill. Rein paints greatly enlarged compositions of small natural forms, mostly fruits, and flowers. They then become monumental and dramatic demanding close examination. They refuse to be ignored because he uses high contrasts and intense colors focusing on the unusual shapes of the shadows on the leaves. The paintings of these natural forms and of the shoreline scenes of Lake Michigan will sometimes carry titles of names of dance forms or musical notations because my compositions imply motion and rhythm.  Even though they can look photographic from a distance when approached show a liquid motion and dancing paint-strokes.   

Visiting Artist Ann Feldman

June 12, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with Ann Feldman. Born and raised in New Orleans, Ann is a painter and art instructor who has lived much of her life in Barrington, Illinois. Painting in an impressionistic style with subjects that depict calm, Ann’s hushed backgrounds play with the abstract and the painting's primary subject depicts realism. This sharp contrast between soft and crisp is uniquely created. Her treatment of shadows helps to blend the realism with the abstract. Many of Ann’s pieces are painted in a loose style where her brush strokes are blended with very thick paint applied with palette knives to achieve an exciting, light-filled contrast. 

Visiting Artist Debra Reid Jenkins

June 19, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with Debra Reid Jenkins. As a painter, Debra's goal is to capture with paint specific moments in time on canvas. Ideally that canvas will behave more like a doorway than simply an object on the wall. Her original training was in portraiture with a strong emphasis on traditional skills and techniques sometimes referred to as academic training. The portrait work led to a career in illustration which she did for several years. During this time she was also learning to paint en plein air taking her easel and paints out on location in all kinds of weather. Her background in figurative work shaped her approach to the landscape, which has always been a kind of portrait of place and time. Having learned what makes a person's face uniquely theirs, she uses those same observational skills in the landscape.    

Visiting Artist Eddie Mitchell

June 26, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with painter Eddie Mitchell. Mitchell has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Cleveland Institute of Art, and now teaches at both the Cleveland Institute of Art and Lakeland Community College. His use of color is extravagant and euphoric. He focuses on the florals, water, and sky, that bring him joy in everyday life.

Visiting Artist Larry Welo

June 26, 4-7 pm

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with printmaker Larry Welo. Welo was born in 1951 and grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota on the iron range.  He studied art and biology while a student at Luther College in Iowa.  Determined to work professionally as an artist, he decided to focus on etching and after graduating from Luther in 1974 began his art career. Northeastern Iowa is a visually stimulating place and living there he studied the things around him. Welo’s studio is located in an old Opera House in a small community in southern Wisconsin. 

Past Events


Exhibition Opening & Gallery Stroll October 10

Join us for live local jazz, wine tasting, and explore new work by featured artists Eddie Mitchell, Kathleen Newman, Laura Testé, Jill Stefani Wagner, Paul Van Heest and Mary Hatch.

View the Exhibition


Glass Artist Trunk Show September 5

Join us for a shopping event featuring Chris Cox & Annie Vedovell-Shook