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Linda Rzoska

Artist Statement:

From my experience I see that many of us in western civilization are living in a wasteland of sorts.  Author Nigel Pennick states that the “wasteland” comes when the living landscape is rejected or ignored and when humans, in favor of wealth, abandon the spiritual aspect of nature.  

The northern and western European folk tradition is particularly rich in tales regarding this spiritual aspect of nature or the atmosphere or presence in the landscape that seems to exist beyond the everyday realm of my modern human cognizance.  


The imagery in the artwork is meant to represent a sense of life with no limitations of space and time, a sharing of spirit, mind and heart, a spiritual recognition and belonging, a joining in an ancient and eternal way.  Her current work is inspired by her interest in nature, folklore, mythology and comparative religions. An attempt to visually communicate this spirit or soul of a place that has been witnessed along with the human collective relationship with the landscape.

Professor Emeritus at Kalamazoo Valley, Linda teaches Design, Illustration, and Motion Graphics.  She has worked in the corporate and private sector as a graphic designer and illustrator. 


Linda’s process, like her spirit, has many layers.  She uses material like graphite pencil, touche, and wax to create her layered and mystical pieces.   


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