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Mary Hatch

Artist’s Statement:

I’m in love with color, and the human figure continues to fascinate me. I find myself moving between paint and canvas, between computer and mouse. Both seem to communicate to me in some odd expanded pull that I am helpless to resist.  My work begins with little forgotten fragments of life unintentionally stored in our memories. These insignificant remembrances are explored in my paintings forming familiar narratives as if they have always existed.  The main subject is apparent. The subtle stroke of the brush brings out the hidden intuitive past and blends it to form a statement.


Ms. Hatch has been painting for many years and has developed a style that is very recognizable and sought after. Her ability is to tell a story with her imagery in a style reminiscent of dreams. She paints as a novelist might start their story.  She often starts with a Figure, who develops a personality.  That personality dictates what happens next.  

Mary’s paintings  inspired the written word, and she recently collaborated with poet Elizabeth Kerlikowske to publish a book with 57 of her pieces.   

Mary achieved her honed her skills at Kingswood School Cranbrook and Skidmore College, finishing with a BS an MA at Western Michigan University.  She lives and paints in Kalamazoo Michigan.  


Kingswood School Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, MI 

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

B.S., M.A. Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI


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