Embarking on a journey to refine and enhance the wine selection at Petter Wine Gallery, my colleague, Matt Swanson, our esteemed Wine Director, and I recently had the delightful opportunity to host Alessandro Cisa Asinari Di Gresy of the venerable Tenute Cisa Asinari Dei Marchesi Di Gresy winery. Nestled in the heart of Piedmont, Italy, this winery has been a beacon of viticultural excellence, producing wines that captivate and enchant the palate. On April 3rd, we were introduced to eight exceptional wines, each a testament to the winery’s dedication and skill. These tastings not only expanded our horizons but also inspired us to bring a selection of these wines to the gallery, ensuring our patrons can embark on their own Italian wine journey.


The Selection Process: Embracing Italian Elegance


Our tasting began with a surprising revelation – a Sauvignon Blanc from Italy. Its crisp, well-balanced profile, devoid of the grassiness often associated with this varietal, was an instant hit. Its unique expression prompted us to secure some for the gallery—and I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection. 


Available for $23


The Dolcetto followed, charming us with its easy-drinking nature, smooth tannins, and delightful fruitiness. It’s the kind of wine that invites you to relax and enjoy the simpler pleasures in life. 


Available for $20


The Barbera Asti was next, stored in big casks to retain its fruity character without overwhelming tannins. This approachability makes it a versatile choice for a range of culinary pairings.


Our journey continued with a Nebbiolo from Lange, offering a stark contrast with its tannic structure and aged flavors, achieved through cement fermentation. This wine promises to be a journey in a glass, evolving with every sip.


The Martinega Vineyard’s Barbaresco 2019, hailing from the winery’s prized vineyard, was a revelation. Traditional notes of tobacco and smoke, coupled with a fantastic vintage year in Piedmont, made it a standout. It was imperative that we secured this for both the gallery and my personal collection. 


Available for $69 


Exploring further, the Gaiun Vineyard 2018, marked by a rainy year, presented us with a vibrant, fruit-forward option. In contrast, the Camp Gros Martinenga Barbaresco 2017 Riserva showcased the timeless beauty of traditional Barbaresco.


Finally, the Tenute Cisa 2010, a unique Cabernet Sauvignon blend with local Italian grapes, was both fruity and effortlessly drinkable, a fitting end to our tasting.


This tasting was more than an exploration of flavors; it was a journey into the heart of Italian winemaking. Each wine we’ve chosen to bring to the Petter Wine Gallery embodies the spirit and tradition of its origin, offering our patrons a taste of Italy’s rich viticultural heritage.


We invite you to join us at the gallery, where each bottle tells a story, waiting to be discovered and savored.


Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, our newly curated selection from Tenute Cisa Asinari Dei Marchesi Di Gresy offers a glimpse into the soul of Piedmontese wine, promising an enchanting journey with every glass. 


Cheers to discovery, elegance, and the timeless joy of wine.

Chris Cox

Wine Expert & Artist

Chris was in Venice, Italy in 2005 and visited the island of Murano and saw glass blowing up close. When he returned, he took a weekend course in glass blowing. As he researched glass he discovered glass fusing and built a studio to start experimenting. When Chris is not in his studio you can find him in the wine section of our gallery. He has gone through Levels 1, 2, and 3 of WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) courses and the Court of Master Sommeliers entry-level course. He continues his wine study through reading, courses, and wine travel.

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