Spring brings rebirth and new beauty to the landscape both inside and outside of the gallery.  Summer, in all its glory, is steaming into town!


Outside, the campfires are already lit and the scent of oozing marshmallows and dripping chocolate permeates the area parks. Rhododendron buds uncurl into pink and purple pillows, defying the weather that persists into May and sometimes June. The Dune Rides and Ice Cream stores have opened their doors!


The same kind of spring rebirth and unfurling happens inside the gallery. While new work comes in year-round, we hustle and bustle every spring as the selecting and receiving accelerates! Some of the pieces come from our long-standing artist partners (several artists have been with us since 1990).  If you are a regular at the gallery you know that those artists are Familiar Favorites, and you can rest assured that they will deliver fabulous new work for you to collect. 


As gallerists, the winter gives us time to breathe, think, and explore what else might be out there. We ask ourselves what new design trends or colors our clients will be seeking. But more than that, we wonder how we can surprise our regulars and new visitors with something unexpected.  We spent countless hours searching through all the sources that we acquired over 51 years of curating art for this gallery.  

Curating is in some ways easier than it used to be as there are now so many outlets for creatives to reach us and conversely for us to reach them. That said ALL those choices can overwhelm us and there is much that does not meet the standards that we have set.  It is difficult to wade through the noise. 


Sometimes the search feels a bit like following the silky threads of a spider’s web. Following one source tends to lead to another source and so on. The search is constant and never-ending. We obsess over every chance to find the Best Next! 


When we pick up a magazine, watch a movie, visit an exhibition, or walk into a hotel we see art. Every time the art causes us to stop and notice, we explore deeper. The search is never-ending and all-encompassing. The push never stops. 


We are happy to tell you that the familiar and fabulous artists we represent had a prolific winter season. They have blown us away yet again and there will be much on display. We invite you into the gallery and onto the website to explore!   

New Painters 

Ken Orton,  Antwan Ramar,  Jack Flynn, and returning to the gallery Rodgers Naylor.


New Glass, Wood & Metal Working Artists

Jonathan Glowacki,  Joshua Light, Ron Stinson, Bob Rickard, and Thomas Spake


New Jewelry & Wearable Art

Julie Jerman-Melka and Gina Riley 


Virtual Walk-Through




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Virtual Walk-Through

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