Saturday, July 11th from 4-6pm J. Petter Galleries will host an exhibition opening and gallery stroll Featuring the works of Gert Olsen, Roger Blair, Mike Kolasinski, Brian Sauerland and Lisa Vanderhilll accented with live jazz performed by local musicians. 


The word Cuvée is a French wine making term most commonly used to refer to a blend of grape varietals or select barrels to make create the wine makers desired flavor profile. Like the wine maker, our featured artists create their own special blend to make their magic. Each artist has an end game in mind when they begin, then they carefully cultivate each piece until the desired blend is revealed.  Some create their Cuvée by adding glazes to achieve impasto.  Others layer and scrape away to reveal the colors below or carve and polish to add luster and texture. Some break all the rules by blending acrylics and oils. 


Artists Brian Sauerland & Mike Kolasinski create their Cuvée with pastel sticks. They draw and smudge creating layers until a landscape emerges. Gert Olsen begins with a chunk of raw marble then chisels and polishes to create figures and abstract flourishes. Lisa Vanderhill starts with a tapestry of linen or cotton and splashes in her experiences with public sculpture. Roger Blair Roger explores childhood memories of living in rural America with his medium of egg tempera creating his images with egg yolk and blended in dry pigment which result in an eggshell finish that is truly unique.  


Join us June 13th from 4-6pm for live local jazz and meet several of our featured artists. Please note  the event will look a little different from past years as we are requesting our gallery stroll guests wear a mask and we will limit capacity at the door. If you prefer to continue social distancing we invite you to schedule a personal viewing appointment or explore the gallery at


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