Saturday, August 8 from 4-6pm J. Petter Galleries will host an exhibition opening and gallery stroll featuring the works of Helen Gotlib, Dylan Strzynski, Larry Welo, Mike Kelly, Julie Quinn & Sheila Bohanon, accented with live jazz guitar performed by local musicians.


If you ask a sommelier, they will tell you decanting a fine wine fundamentally serves two purposes the first is to separate the juice from any sediment that may have formed in the bottle as it aged, the second is to aerate the wine allowing it to breathe accentuating the aromas and flavors. The first sip of a red may seem bold and angular before expressing elegant berry notes and subtle hints of leather or tobacco. The first sip of a white can explode on the pallet with bright acidity before revealing layers of floral notes, tropical fruit or silky hints of vanilla.


Decanting a wine or simply allowing it to open as you swirl your glass invites you to slow down and spend time exploring the many phases of the juice as it breathes. This month we present art from a group of highly talented artists who encourage the viewer to spend time with their work. Helen Gotlib, Dylan Strzynski, Larry Welo, Mike Kelly, Julie Quinn & Sheila Bohanon each use layers of colors, textures, and mediums to create lasting impressions and allow you to experience a new joy from each look. Sheila Bohanon's whimsical surreal oil paintings express subconscious connections between the animal subjects and the viewer. Dylan Strzynski's mixed media work influenced by his background in printmaking while combining both drawing and painting creates otherworldly structures humanized by thier surroundings. Larry Welo uses traditional etching methods to create a magical union between the paper and ink. For Mike Kelly each painting goes through a series of changes and refinements that may take days or months and evolves from a combination of direct observation, photo reference, memory and most of all invention. Julie Quinn's work is created from layers of ink, oil and acrylic on claybord expressing her spiritual journey, visual prayers and the poetry of unseen places.


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