Great Lakes Pastel Society | Small Works Members Juried Exhibition

Juror’s statement:


I’m thrilled and honored to serve as juror of selection and judge of awards for the Great Lakes Pastel Society!  Since my selections will represent this group’s caliber of artists, I made my choices carefully and deliberately. It’s never easy making the decision to leave out an entered artwork. To those who made the cut, congratulations!  To those who didn’t, please continue painting and entering shows, and know that I’m just one person making these selections, and my choices here shouldn’t determine the worth of your efforts. 

When making my decision for each entry selection, and then later for judging award winners, I put my personal preferences aside and considered the following questions: 

  • Does the artist understand painting basics such as values, color temperature, edges and composition?
  • Does the pastel mark making appear timid or muddied, or applied with skilled confidence? 
  • Did the artist simply try to copy the subject matter, or did he or she display the ability to interpret the subject matter and capture a visual message about what’s special or unique about the subject?

It’s usually that last consideration that elevates a piece of artwork to one of the top award winners. No artist makes it all happen in every piece he or she creates, but it was my goal to seek out those pieces that I feel made it all come together successfully and resulted in that coveted artistic magic.

In this particular show, I was impressed with the wide assortment of beautifully painted floral subjects! Among my favorites in the show were the ones in which the artist pushed the capabilities of the pastel medium to capture a variety of textures and lots of prolific mark-making and edge variety.

I thoroughly enjoyed serving as judge and juror for the Great Lakes Pastel Society. Stay well and paint lots! 

Many thanks for the opportunity!

Barbara Jaenicke