Bryan Randa

Bryan Randa

Bryan Randa works and lives his glass at his newly created Hot Shop in Cape Cod… Valley Farm Studios.   

Bryan started in a graphic design program and quickly found he wanted to be more hands on.  He had an interest in Ceramics and his search for an apprenticeship with a potter led him to the East Coast. He did not find that potter...  but he did find glass. Bryan began working with glass in 2004 at McDermott Glass Studio in Sandwich, Massachusetts. He studied with David McDermott and Yukimi Matsumoto as an apprentice, and gained great skill and passion for glass. He also studied with well-known glass artists Milon Townsend and Sally Prasch.  In 2006, Bryan  began his lampworking career making small figurines for the Sandwich Glass Museum.

What is Lamp working?  Bryan uses a torch to melt and shape borosilicate glass rods or tubes. Fine detail is achieved by beating a specific area of the glass and making lines or dents with a variety of hand tools. He often combines those “lampworked” elements with blown glass vessels to create truly extraordinary works of art.

His work can be found in galleries nationwide, including The Corning Museum of Glass, and of course at J Pettter Galleries in Douglas Michigan.


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